Put Your Work on Display

Put Your Work on Display

Ask about our vendor rental space in Newaygo, MI

If you make handcrafted jewelry or do custom woodwork, you don't want to keep it hidden from the world. Proudly display and sell your work at Finders Keepers of Newaygo. We have vendor rental spaces in our Newaygo, MI shop for:
Room for Rent $25 an hour - capacity of 15 to 30 people

  • Forging vendors
  • Clothing vendors
  • Antique vendors
  • Baked good vendors
  • Incense and soap makers
  • Candlemakers
  • Furniture makers
  • Kitchen item vendors
  • Ceramics makers
  • Decal vendors

By placing your goods in our small retail space for rent, you'll gain the exposure and income you need to keep doing what you love. And you'll get to share your craft with other local artisans. What could be better than that?

To learn more about our small retail space for rent, please fill out the form below. We'll make sure you're a good fit for our vendor rental space so you can cultivate the clientele you're looking for.

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